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quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2014

Red Seas Under Red Skies

Thiz the 2nd book of The Gentleman Bastards. Lynch starts right where he'd left the previous book, Locke and Jean going to Tal Verrar. Assuming other 'identities', the 2 gentleman bastards go for a High bet, stealing from the Sinspire, a gambling casino of sorts, that was 'thief proof', no one had ever cheated or taken a single coin, but ...Locke and Jean DID.

Remember the Bondsmage of Karthain?? They knew Locke and Jean were there, and Stragos the Ruler of Tal Verrar, had a 'job' for them, on an evening 'chat' the 2 thieves drank a fine wine...but the wine was poisoned, everything arranged by the bloody bondsmage, the poison was only to take effects after 30 days, that was all Stragos needed for the 'job' he had for them, after that if they succeeded, they would get the antidote

So, the 2 gentleman bastards see themselves as Pirates, Locke being the cap'ain.They start an alucinating adventure through the Sea of Brass, their ship was soon captured by Real pirates, but Locke and Jean made extraordinaire allies with the pirates.

Thiz was a great adventure, overwhelming I dare say, for they were crossed  and double crossed, everyone was lying, and you never know who is doing what to whom. At the end they kinda 'killed' Stragos, and got one antidote, Jean took it, Locke lied said he also had one, but he chose to save Jean. I am starting book 3, and Locke is dying.

Great descriptions, rich vocabulary, and a great adventure. Excelent book.

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